Det finns inget forum som heter
Vi har kollat igenom alla forum och rensat bort gamla forum som var inaktiva och spamforum. Om ditt forum blev borttaget av misstag och vill ha forumet tillbaka så kontakta oss på vår hemsida, så lägger vi upp det igen så snart som möjligt. Vi har backup kvar.

There is no forum named
We have recently made a big cleaning of forum. Some were removed because there were old and inactive, others because there where spam. If you want your forum back, please contact us at We have backup.

To Mr / Mrs. Spammer. (you know who you are)
We now fight spam more activly, so please stop what you are doing. It's no good for us, for you or for any one else. There are no links to new forum so there are no pagerank benefits. We know you are using different ip address, different email address but we still find your forums. What you are doing is just a waste of time.
Remember karma...